Before tattooing:

- Do not consume alcohol or drugs 24h before tattoing.

-  Have a meal a couple of hours earlier.

- Persons who are suffering from diabetes, hemophilia, have mental health problems, should consult a physician.

- Breathe and relax ...




After tattooing:

- 2hours after removing the foil,  make soap in your hand and gently wash the tattoo. After washing, collect the water with a clean towel.



- Apply a thin layer of  Bepanten creme.

- During the first 10 days, apply the creme 5x a day, and rinse the tattoo 2x a day.

- After a week, if it itches, scratch around your  tattoo or scratch elsewhere.

During the healing period:

- Avoid exposure, of the tattooed area, from sunlight for a month

- Do not go to the pools, saunas, and don't allow any contact of the tattooed area with other people.

- Choose your clothes to accommodate the tattoo.

- After 10 days have passed, apply body lotion on tattooed area for one more week.

- In the future, when you are exposed to sun, use a cream with the highest sun protection factor.

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