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    Tattooing is the worlds second oldest craft. All over the world and across all time periods people have manifested their differences through different ideas, one of them was tattooing, where pictures and motives tell us the story behind them. The white population  was definitely the last who came in touch with tattooing but, like in many other fields of art, they grown a custom to it and took it to the level of perfection that we know today.

    A tattoo presents a lot of context which can be seen, without the need of talking about it. It can serve as a accessory for us to wear and feel comfortable in our skin, to break the code that is brought upon us by society to be like everyone else, and to gain self confidence, fullness, as a byproduct. We conquer a part of personal freedom through life, wearing a tattoo that we chose.

 Advanced technology achievements, in terms of tattooing and medicine, have allowed us to get the perfect final result safely.

    Tattoo studio "American Way" from Novi Sad got the name from a continent where its tattoo artist spent around 4 years getting to know the craft of tattooing. The official studio was opened in 1992 in a country that was known as Yugoslavia.



Tattoo artist: Djaner

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