Permanent Makeup

   Permanent makeup or micro pigmentation is a cosmetic altering, where pigment - color is implemented, with medically approved procedures, underneath the top layer of the skin - epidermis, dermis, at about 0,5mm depth. Color theory is a method in which the color, and color warmth, of your skin is taken in order to figure out which type of color should be used for your type of skin. Permanent makeup enhances the natural beauty of your face, glamorous look can be achieved by adding regular makeup.

   EYEBROWS  have an important role in face expression. In case your eyebrows are too thin,  you don't have them at all or you're not satisfied with their shape, before the treatment we provide you with advice, based on your case, for achieving the best esthetic solution.




Treatment lasts for 2 hours and it implies consultation like, figuring out the right color, using of  local anesthetics  if necessary, treatment itself and instructions about after care. Procedure can be done successfully the first time, but permanent makeup is usually  treated again in 3 - 4 weeks, where we check how your skin reacted to the color, if color correction is necessary and so forth. Colors used for permanent makeup are natural, medically approved, usually non organic, with a minimum risk of infection or allergic reaction. Color doesn't migrate or move in the skin, it just fades in time. The need for color correction varies upon circumstances, but usually it's 2 - 5 years. For longer preservation it is advised protecting your face from the sun, which is the main factor in color fading, with sun block of minimum SPF 15.


Permanent lip makeup gives you the perfect lips. Full and sensational lips are imperative for today's standards of beauty, and you can have that look without plastic surgery. To figure out which method is best for your lips, before permanent makeup is done, it is necessary to consult with the artist, who will determine the ideal shape and color of your new lips, according to your wishes at the same time.


Why should you go to a tattoo shop for permanent makeup instead of a beauty salon? Because a tattoo artist is tattooing contours on skin on a daily basis, hence his hand is precise and safe. He has feeling for the right depth of color implementation, as an artist, he can shape and shade your eyebrows, lips, to perfection. That's why you can have complete confidence when you sit in his chair.

After the tratment, expect that you shine and look beautiful  without anyone noticing you've done something to your face. Achieve the perfect contour of your face, without changing the essence of your unique beauty and individuality.



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